Mountain Ash Gardenscreen

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Mountain Ash Gardenscreen

As the name suggests this beauty is inspired by the giants of Native Australian Forests. The look and feel of raw native materials is so ‘at home’ in aussie outdoor design, and just enriches the grounded feeling we look for in an outdoor space. Vertical repetitious lines (or horizontal if you wish) give a surface or a space structure and rhythm (like timber wall-cladding, shadow-clad or decking timbers), but this option add a hole loose natural swagger to the look. The long panel format allows you to get full visual expression of the pattern whilst, still having easy-to-manage size.

Privacy: 80%

Range: Outdeco Screening

Dimensions (W x H):

600 x 1800mm


Weathertex Range - Made from Renewable Australian Hardwood tailings
Corten Range - available in 1.6mm or 2.0mm gauge

Read more on the different finishes here

Colour: Natural/Brown or Corten (Rusted Steel)
Brown is in stock at shown amounts. Corten are special order only and orders take approximately 21 days from productions and freighting from Melbourne.

Outdeco Weathertex Natural screening is paintable to suit your look.

Installation Guide - Click here for videos, tips and more