Terraneo | Grecian Terracotta

Terraneo produces supreme quality frost-resistant terracotta planters in its facilities in the history rich area of Mycenae in Greece. The frost resistant quality of Terraneo planters (certified for up to -50 oC) gives it an obvious, unrivalled preformance in climates where other terracotta planters break. Terraneo possesses a unique earth -blend formula that allows it to produce its own clay mix with unique product properties and tremendous quality: terracotta planters that are sturdy and strong, moss-free, and frost- resistant down to -50 oC.
The raw material (i.e. the composition and mix of five local soils) is exclusive to be selected from local terrains of Greece; there are only 4 areas in the world, and all 4 are located in Greece (Peloponnese & Crete), where the specific soils required are available in substantial quantities.

The combination of soil mix and proprietary production methods yield a one-of-a-kind, superior product (as compared to comparable French or Italian handmade Terracotta.) It cannot be copied and can only be produced by Terraneo in Greece, in terms of both color and quality. A light sand color terracotta fired at over 1,100 oC.