Aquagarden Mini Pond Kit

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AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit


Dimensions (L x W x H):

600 x 600 x 250mm
Pond holds 26ltrs of water

Material: Durable, injection-moulded container is lightweight and built to last

Colour: Brown

Includes: Pump, light, pebbles & all pipe work – everything you need to have it running.
Does not include pictured plants or fish.

Complete pond, waterfall, and watergarden kit includes everything needed. Provides a relaxing focal point for patios, offices, balconies, bedrooms, gardens, and more. Quick and easy setup. Tranquil waterfall provides soothing sounds and enjoyment, If desired, add plants or a few small fish.

The Benefits: 
- Durable, injection-moulded container is lightweight and built to last
- Integrated plant and waterfall filter cleans water and houses your favourite plants
- Included water pump with low-suction attachment maximises water usage and circulation
- Integrated waterfall light illuminates the water as it cascades into the pond
- Included expanded clay grow media provides biological filtration and an ideal environment for plant growth
- Decorative gravel in upper waterfall weighs down and disguises the clay media
- Decorative gravel in lower pond beautifies the pond bottom and provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to keep the water clean