Aci Kiln Dry Sand Granusil 4005

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ACI kiln dried sand is used to maintain synthetic grass in top condition. It is an infill sand for all types of synthetic grass, synthetic lawns, and astroturf. It is also used as foundry sand and as a fine aggregate in mortar and concrete

Kiln dried sand serves multiple purposes for artificial turf. It weighs the turf down, keeping it flat and also prevents the turf from bubbling up and rippling due to expansion on hot days. It protects the turf, so it will last longer, and also helps the individual blades of grass stand up, so your turf looks good. Four Seasons Nursery supplies SYNLawn artificial turf, and it is a requirement for warranty purposes that on Kiln Dried sand is used on these products. Not doing so will void the warranty on all artificial turf products.

Regular sand doesn't work well with artificial grass. Kiln dried sand is so clean that weeds can't grow in it, unlike regular sand. It also doesn't absorb water, so your turf dries fast after rain, and it's heavy, so the sand can't blow away.

The amount of sand required depending on the application and pile height of the grass you have selected. As an example, for setting up a new artificial turf tennis court you would need around 12-13 tonnes of ACI, but for topping up an existing court 1-2 tonnes would be needed. Please contact us if you are unsure of your requirements.

ACI sand is sometimes also referred to as silica sand.

Chemical Name: Crystalline silica
Synonyms: Sand, quartz, Silica Sand
Proportion:>98% Mineral and organic materials Proportion:<2%

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