Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

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DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is a superior quality soft buffalo grass giving unmatched performance for Australian conditions.

DNA Certified Sir Walter:

Needs less watering and spraying Stands out from the competition with its resilience and softness, not just throughout summer but also during winter

An all year round grass that looks good and costs you less time and is environmentally friendly

DNA Certified Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo was born and bred in Australia, under Australian conditions so it has excellent Drought Tolerance compared to other Buffalo Lawns.

Because Sir Walter is Winter Active it maintains its' colour longer than other Buffalo Turf and does not go purple in winter The Low Thatch growth habit makes it a Low Maintenance lawn arriving in turf rolls that are strong and easy to lay. The softer leaves means an ideal surface for children to play on Sir Walters Drought Tolerance, Herbicide Tolerance and Fungus Resistance means that this is one of the most Environmentally Friendly turf grasses available. Less Watering Less Spraying The crisp green colour of Sir Walter makes this a most attractive lawn in Summer and Winter. Other advantages over other lawn turfs include: Less invasive into gardens than Kikuyu or Couch, therefore less maintenance. Less mowing than Kikuyu (approx. 50% in Summer)

1 Roll = 1m²

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

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