Mitey Tick Off For Pets

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Electronic tick repeller totally safe for your pets and your family, health and well being and the environment. Water resistant, lasts 6 months +, non toxic, efficient and convenient. Safe, natural protection against ticks, especially designed for medium to large dogs.

Special Features
- Electronic tick deterrent emitting completely safe ultrasonic pulses.
- Repels ticks for up to 1 year.
- Environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no odours. Safe for chemical sensitive pets and owners.
- Totally safe for you, the environment your family and pets.
- In areas of severe tick infestation, the device may not be able to provide 100% protection.
- Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and older pets.
- Convenient small collar attachment.
- Can be helpful in preventing fleas.
- Fully guaranteed against any mechanical failure or malfunction for a period of 3 months from date of purchase.

For personal use visit Mitey Tick Off For You.