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Ironbark Firewood – The Premium Wood for Your Fireplace, Cooker, or Pizza Oven

Ironbark Firewood is the perfect fuel for combustion, open fireplaces, wood-fired cookers, and pizza ovens. Our premium quality wood is sourced only from reputable suppliers, ensuring that it's eco-friendly and sustainably sourced. As a member of the Firewood Association of Australia (Member no. 046), we take pride in delivering high-quality firewood to our customers.

In addition to supplying premium firewood to homeowners, we also work with restaurants and cafes to provide wood-fired ovens and heating for dining areas. Our Ironbark Firewood is the perfect choice for wood-fired cooking, providing an authentic, smoky flavor that's impossible to achieve with gas or electric ovens. Whether you're cooking pizzas, roasting meats, or baking bread, our Ironbark Firewood is the perfect choice for achieving the delicious, wood-fired flavor you crave.

Benefits of Ironbark Firewood
Longer Burning Time: Although Ironbark Firewood may be slightly harder to start, it burns for 6 to 8 hours, which means you'll use less wood throughout the night.
Efficient Burning: Ironbark Firewood burns efficiently, producing very little ash and less cleaning for you.
Strong Burning and Hotter Fire: Ironbark Firewood creates a hotter fire with a stronger burn, ensuring you can stay warm and cozy all winter long.
Low Smoke and Emissions: Ironbark Firewood is a low-smoke, low-emission wood, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family.
Convenient Size: Our logs are split and cut to a ready-to-use size of 250mm to 350mm, approximately the size of a loaf of bread.
Low Moisture Content: Our Ironbark Firewood has a moisture content of approximately 15 to 20%, making it perfect for burning.

How to Buy
Ironbark Firewood is available for both delivery and pick-up. To order for delivery, please place your order online or call us on 02 9450 1606. You can also choose your preferred delivery day (delivery charges apply). For pick-up, we sell by the scoop or crate, and you can come in-store to arrange your purchase. Our pick-up address is 200 Forest Way Belrose, which is part of Four Seasons Nursery and Garden Centre. We have this wood in stock all year round, so there's no need to order online or call us before you come in.

Why Choose Australian Firewood & Four Seasons Nursery
- Member of the Firewood Association of Australia: As a member of the Firewood Association of Australia, we take pride in delivering high-quality, eco-friendly amd sustainably sourced firewood.
- 100% Seasoned and Ready-to-Burn Wood: Our firewood is 100% seasoned and ready to burn, ensuring you get the best results.
- Weighed on Scales: We weigh every load of firewood on scales, guaranteeing you get value for money.
- Full Range of Firewood Accessories: We also offer a full range of firewood accessories, making it easy for you to start your fire.
- Flexible Delivery Options: We can deliver your firewood where and when you want, subject to our delivery schedule*

Make Ironbark Firewood your go-to firewood this winter season. With its premium quality and eco-friendly nature, it's the perfect choice for your fireplace, cooker, or pizza oven.

*Delivery subject to delivery schedule and may vary from the requested time during peak season. Please contact us for more information.


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    Posted by Kate on 7th Jan 2024

    Best firewood ever. 100% recommend