Campbell Orchid Special Fertiliser B 500g Blue

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Orchid Fertiliser B is a premium solution crafted to specifically enhance the development and growth of orchids. This blue crystalline water-soluble powder addresses deficiencies in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and vital mineral trace elements, ensuring your orchids receive comprehensive nutrition for optimal health and vitality.

Key Features:
Tailored Nutrition: Orchid Fertiliser B offers a balanced blend of N.P.K (30-4-8) along with essential trace elements, providing your orchids with precisely what they need to thrive.
Application Timing: For gardeners in Australia’s temperate zones, the ideal application period for Orchid Fertiliser B begins in January and continues through to the end of August, aligning with key growth phases for orchids.
Versatile Compatibility: Orchid Fertiliser B is compatible with most pesticides, allowing for versatile and hassle-free use alongside other plant care products.

How to use:
For regular feedings, dissolve 15g (one measuring spoon) of Orchid B in 5 litres of water. This mixture should be used as the standard watering solution every 7-14 days or as dictated by the needs of your plant or soil tests. Aim for a nitrogen content ranging between 100 to 150 ppm for optimal results.

Orchid Fertiliser B is also compatible with Copper Oxychloride, further expanding its versatility and utility in your orchid care routine.

Additional Notes:
Periodic Feeding: Use 15g (one measuring spoon) of Orchid B per 5 litres of water and apply as a normal watering every 7-14 days or as indicated by plant or soil tests.
Constant Feeding: For continuous care, administer Orchid Fertiliser B every time you water your plants. Adjust the dosage to maintain a nitrogen level between 100-150 ppm for optimal growth and development. Utilizing a “Proportioner Sprayer” ensures precise application and maximizes the effectiveness of the product.

Elevate your orchid care regimen with Orchid Fertiliser B and experience the vibrant blooms and vigorous growth your plants deserve.