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Orchid Fertiliser A is a high-quality solution to bolster the growth and development of your orchids, specifically formulated to address deficiencies in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and essential mineral trace elements. Whether your orchids are showing signs of weak development or you simply want to enhance their overall growth, Orchid Fertiliser A is your go-to choice.

Enhanced Growth: Orchid Fertiliser A is a yellow crystalline water-soluble powder designed to promote robust plant development and growth in orchids.
Optimal Timing: Apply Orchid Fertiliser A from the initiation of flower spike formation until the end of flowering. In temperate zones of Australia, this application period spans from January to August. Adjust the timing according to orchid development phases in different climatic zones.
Versatile Application: Orchid Fertiliser A can be used for periodic feeding or constant feeding depending on your orchid's needs. For periodic feeding, mix 20g (one measuring spoon) of Orchid A with 7 litres of water and apply every 7-14 days as recommended by plant or soil tests. The optimal dose delivers 50 to 75 ppm nitrogen for best results.
Compatibility: Orchid Fertiliser A is compatible with most pesticides, ensuring you can maintain a comprehensive care routine for your orchids without worrying about chemical interactions.

How to use:
For periodic feeding, mix 20g (one measuring spoon) of Orchid A with 7 litres of water. Use this solution for regular watering every 7-14 days, based on plant or soil test recommendations. Orchid A requires dosing that delivers 50 to 75 ppm nitrogen for optimal results. Applying it with a “Proportioner Sprayer” ensures the best outcomes.

After the flowering phase, transition to Campbell Orchid “B” Fertiliser N-P-K 30-4-8, which also includes trace elements, to continue supporting your orchid’s health.

Use Orchid Fertiliser A to create vibrant growth and flourishing blooms in your orchid collection.