Anthurium Red

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Botanical name – Anthurium 'Red'

Common name – Flamingo Flower 

Description – This is a gorgeous indoor flowering plant. Its beautiful bright glossy red flowers emerge all year round in warm environments. The flowers stay on the plant for several weeks. Year round it's shiny heart shaped green leaves will bring smiles to your indoor area. 

Flower Colour – Red

Flower Period – All year 

Fruiting – N/A 

Location – Well lit warm area 

Care – This plant requires minimal care. Being an epiphyte, this plant requires watering only once the mix has almost dried out. Use controlled release fertiliser twice a year, as well as liquid fertilising periodically to promote flowering.

Mature height – 30-45cm x 25-30cm W

Sizes/Plant height approximate (above pot);
140mm – 30cm
200mm – 30cm

**All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to grower availability as per the time of year**

Plant Key 
Some quick facts about this plant:

Position Part Shade Part Shade
Position Indoors Great Indoors
Watering Low

Low Watering

Pot Plant Ideal for Pots 
Flowering Flowering
Height Air Purifying
Width 25-30cm Wide
Height 30-45cm High