Zamioculcas zamiifolia Zenzi

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Botanical name – Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Zenzi’

Common name – Dwarf Zanzibar Gem, Dwarf ZZ Plant

Description – This cute dwarf variety of Zanzibar Gem is an extremely low maintenance semi succulent ideal for indoors. Its curled vibrant green shiny leaves are on short stems that are close together and remain more compact than its cousin. Great for low light spots like offices and darker rooms in the house. It is one of the top Air Purifying Plants from the NASA study, removing many toxins from your home including xylene, toluene, and benzene.  

Location – Needs a well-drained soil in areas of great natural light, although can be tolerable of lower light areas if not over watered.

Care  Low maintenance, allowing soil to completely dry and remain dry for weeks between watering. Reduce watering in winter while the plant is dormant. Feed in spring with a slow release fertiliser. Likes smaller pots and constricted root systems. Use a succulent potting mix. 

Mature height – .5m H x .4m W

Sizes/Plant height approximate (above pot);

125mm – 10 cm
200mm – 20 cm

**All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to grower availability as per the time of year**

Plant Key 
Some quick facts about this plant:

Position Indoors Great Indoors
Height Low Light Tolerant
Watering Low

Low Watering

Pot Plant Ideal for Pots 
Height Air Purifying
Width .4 m Wide
Height .5 m High