Stoprust Systemic Ground Treatment

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Stop-Rust Plumeria rust systemic ground treatment works with the plumeria's own bio-system. With correct, regular use its creates a state within the plumeria that discourages the growth of plumeria rust and greatly reduces frequency and severity of outbreaks. Free scoop included inside. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS

How to use
1) Clear the pot or ground of all old leaves and dispose of in the bin
2) Aerate the ground of the entire root zone of the plumeria with a garden fork.
3) Add 20g, one full level scoop (included) to 5L of water in a plastic watering can and stir well to dissolve.
4) Apply directly to the root zone and water in well.
5) Apply fortnighly before.


- Easy to use and apply
- Will help prevent future infection