Premium Garden Mix

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A high-quality blend with a neutral pH, it is suitable for a broad range of garden applications, so be assured your plants will thrive in this mix. This premium garden mix is blended to the requirements of AS 4419 - 2003 as an organic soil blend. Contains composted green waste, soil, sand and wood chips giving it a balanced nutrient content suitable for a broad range of garden applications.

This premium garden mix is perfect for growing a wide range of plants including pH sensitive Azaleas and Camellias. The mix should be spread over existing soil between 100 - 200mm thick and then dug through the soil before planting takes place in existing gardens or can be used to completely fill new garden beds. This blend will provide existing soil with improved soil structure, drainage, wettability and give plants the wide range of nutrients they require.

Technical Information:
Product Category:     Organic soil (AS 4419-2003)
Organic matter content:    15 - 25%
Particle grading:   15mm
pH:     5.5 - 7.5

As this is a recycled product it is not suitable for top dressing of lawns as there is the potential for small glass pieces to be present in the mix.