Neutrog Who Flung Dung

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Whoflungdung is a biologically activated, nutrient rich, weed free, absorbent, super mulch!
It has been composted, inoculated with eNcase and filled with nutrients, so that when added to soil it introduces a wide diversity of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria readily proliferate through the soil, acting as a barrier/deterrent to pathogenic bacteria, providing a safe environment for healthy plant growth. Whoflungdung aids in restricting and reducing the growth of weeds, and many users also happily report that blackbirds don’t like it.

Whoflungdung is absorbent, as it helps retain moisture and warmth in the garden, which improves nutrient uptake. It adds nutrients to the soil for both the beneficial bacteria and plants to feed on – significantly reducing, if not eliminating, the nitrogen draw-down issues that are associated with most other mulches.

Whoflungdung is available in compressed 20kg bales. Apply a uniform layer of Whoflungdung at 25mm to 100mm deep to cover soil, leaving 50mm to 100mm gap around base of any plants, trees or shrubs.

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- 100% organic and very safe to use when maintaining a healthy garden
- Slowly breaks down and enriches the soil with nutrient and organic matter
- Promotes earthworms in soil
- Protects plants from extreme temperatures
- Improves moisture penetration and retention by up to 75%
- Easy to use
- Excellent for filling raised garden beds
- Adds essential organic matter to the soil as it breaks down
- Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified as an Australian Certified Organic Allowed Input and to Australian Standards 4454

Available in:

Compressed 20kg Bale