IGC Lawn Power 4kg

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IGC Lawn Power makes professional results easy. This is an advanced formula that begins feeding your lawn once you water it. Best results are achieved after rain.
Deep watering granules help penetrate hard to wet soils and retain moisture in the root zone longer for more effective watering and a healthier, greener lawn in just 14 days.


- Perfect for Buffalo Lawns
- Non-burning Formula
- Lawns green up FAST!
- Feeds for up to 3 months
- Contains water saving granules
- Promotes Healthy Even Growth
- Coverage 260m2

When should I apply?:
You need to use 3 times a year for effective results. Apply once in early Spring, early Summer and again in early Autumn.

How much do I use?:
Apply at a rate of 15 grams per square metre. This entire pack feeds 260sqm of lawn.

N 21 : P 1.3 : K 4.1

10.0% Nitrogen (N) as Ammonium
11.0% Nitrogen (N) as Urea
21.0% Total Nitrogen (N)
1.2% Phosphorus (P) as Water Soluble
0.1% Phosphorus as Citrate Soluble
1.3% Total Phosphorus (P)
4.1% Total Potassium (K) as Chloride
14.0% SULPHUR (S) as Sulphate
0.9% Iron (Fe) as Oxide

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Iron can cause staining of concrete or paved areas. We recommend that you keep walkways dry during application and sweep afterwards before watering.