Gardenia 'Florida'

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Botanical name – Gardenia augusta ‘Florida’

Common name – Gardenia Florida

Description– An evergreen shrub with white, fragrant blooms through the warmer months. Ideal as a pot plant or suitable for the garden.

Flower White, semi double blooms (fragrant)

Flowering period
Spring through summer

Location – Use a Gardenia speciality mix when potting, or plant into a well-conditioned garden mix. Grows in full sun to part shade.

Care Maintain regular watering during establishment and through the warmer growing season. Keep well fed through all times of the year and prune as needed to encourage increased blooms as the plant matures.

Mature height – 1m H x 1m W

Sizes/Plant height approximate (above pot);
140mm – 15cm
200mm – 30cm
300mm – 60cm