Calathea orbifolia

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Botanical name – Calathea orbifolia 

Common name – Round Leaf Calathea

Description – A gorgeous indoor plant with rounded silvery leaves with striking light green stripes. This is a much sort after plant that develops leaves larger than a hand and is also pet friendly.

Location – Place in a warm, bright to lower light areas indoors. Can be grown outside in a warm shaded area as an under story plant or in a container.

Care – Do not allow soil to dry out completely between watering however they should also not sit in water. Use rain, filtered or boiled water to stop leaves getting brown tips. Likes humid conditions.  Fertilise monthly during growing season with a liquid fertiliser.

Mature height – 1m H x 1m W

Sizes/Plant height approximate (above pot);
100mm – 10cm
170mm – 30cm

**All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to grower availability as per the time of year**

Plant Key 
Some quick facts about this plant:

Position Part Shade Part Shade
Position Indoors Great Indoors
Height Low Light Tolerant
Watering Moderate Moderate Watering
Pot Plant Ideal for Pots 
Height Pet Friendly
Height Air Purifying
Width 100 cm Wide
Height 100 cm High