Posted by Lawn Solutions Australia on 7th May 2024

Pre-Emergents - Winter Grass

Winter Grass is one of the more frustrating weeds to remove. As winter grass grows it produces triangular shaped seed heads. These seeds make the weed easier to identify but are a sign that it has alr …

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Posted by Lawn Solutions Australia on 19th Mar 2024

When Should I Apply a Pre-Emergent Herbicide?

Pre-emergent herbicides are fantastic products to add to your lawn care regime. With these herbicides, your application timing can impact how well it will work to prevent weeds in your lawn. …

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Posted by Matt Matt on 15th Mar 2024

Frangipani Rust: A Gardener's Guide

Frangipani rust sneaks into our gardens, waiting through winter and spring, only to announce its presence come December with a subtle golden dot beneath frangipani leaves. To combat this funga …

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17th Nov 2021

5 Tips For Buying Plants From a Garden Centre

Knowing a few things about plant selection beforehand is better if you plan to buy plants from a garden centre. You can’t bring any plant home and plant it in your garden just because it looks good …

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21st Sep 2021

Benefits of Shopping at a Local Garden Centre

If you want to create your dream garden, it’s best to shop at a local garden centre near you. While getting your supplies from a big box hardware store like Bunnings may be tempting, there are several …

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