Begonia maculata

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Botanical name – Begonia maculata

Common name – Polka Dot Begonia, Angel Wing

Description – This highly sort after indoor plant has large olive-green angel wing shaped leaves with silver spots growing on long cane stems. The underside of the leaf is vibrant purple/red.

Flower Colour – White to pale pink

Flower Period –  L
ate winter to spring

Location – Prefers part shade (morning sun only) to bright indirect light. Too much direct sun will cause the leaves to dry out and burn

Care  Allow soil to partially dry out between watering. Reduce watering in winter. Do not leave sitting in water. Use a liquid fertiliser fortnightly in spring and summer only.

Mature height – 1.5m H x .5m W

Sizes/Plant height approximate (above pot);
125mm – 15 cm

175mm – 30-40 cm

**All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to grower availability as per the time of year**

Plant Key 
Some quick facts about this plant:

Position Part Shade Part Shade
Position Indoors Great Indoors
Watering Low

Low Watering

Pot Plant Ideal for Pots 
Flowering Flowering
Height Air Purifying
Width .5 m Wide
Height 1.5 m High