Four Seasons Nursery and COVID-19

Garden Centres to stay open
With the ever-changing situation regarding business closures throughout the COVID-19 Crisis, Garden Centres have been classified as 'Essential Businesses'. There has never been a better time to get outside and tend your garden. It is great for your physical and mental health, especially when you are stuck inside all week.
All Four Seasons Garden Centre stores will be operating normal hours. We will let you know more as things change but at this point we will be sticking to the Social Distancing rules, allowing 1.5m / 4m2 per person and limiting contact with customers directly.
Some small things that can help our staff stay safe:
  • Please do not give your phone to a staff member/expect them to hold your phone to look at photos. Either open your phone and leave it on the counter for staff to view or email photos to the store.
  • Please respect staff's social distancing space and understand that they are unable to serve you to the usual standard
  • We have well above average foot traffic in store. Please spread through the stores and do not queue around counter areas. All registers will be open and we will serve customers in an orderly fashion.
  • If you feel unwell or are visibly sick, please shop online via Place your orders there or call your local store and staff will be on hand to serve you over the phone. We can arrange delivery or a pick up by a healthy family member or friend. Staff will not serve any customers displaying any symptoms.
  • Cashless payments are our preferred method of payment
Above all, practice normal safety and social distancing precautions when in store.
We will update you all if there are any changes to these restrictions or trading terms.

Covid Customer Advice