Citrus ichangensis 'Yuzu' 200 mm

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Botanical name – Citrus junos 'Yuzu'

Common name – Yuzu

Description – Yuzu is a small, deciduous citrus tree that produces unique, tart fruit. The fruit is small and typically used for its zest and juice in cooking and beverages. The tree itself has spiny branches and glossy, dark green leaves. In the spring, the tree produces small, fragrant white flowers.

Yuzu is a relatively rare and unique citrus variety that is prized for its culinary uses. It can be grown in containers or in the ground, making it a versatile addition to any garden.

Flower Colour – White

Flower Period – Autumn

Fruiting – Green/Yellow Fruit in Late autumn to winter

Location – Yuzu thrives in full sun and prefers a warm, sheltered position in a well-draining soil. It is hardy in the UK but may require protection during colder months.

Care – Yuzu requires regular watering, especially during dry spells, and should be fertilised every few months with a balanced fertiliser. Prune the tree in late winter or early spring to remove any dead or diseased wood and to maintain a desirable shape

Mature height – 2-4m H x 1.8m W

Sizes/Plant height approximate (above pot);
200mm – 50cm

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Plant Key 
Some quick facts about this plant:

Position Full Sun Full Sun
Pot Plant Ideal for Pots 
Fruiting Plant Fruiting
Wild Life Attracting Wild Life Attracting
Width 1.8m Wide
Height 2-4m High