Osmocote Pour + Feed Indoors 1ltr

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Scotts Osmocote Pour + Feed Indoor Plant Fertiliser is an unique easy to use indoor plant fertiliser formula for houseplants that is carefully balanced to provide essential nutrients to a range of indoor plants for optimum growth and plant health.
This indoor plant fertiliser works through the roots and leaves with double action, so your plants absorb nutrients within minutes.


- Easy to apply liquid fertiliser with an easy pour measuring cap – no mixing, no drips, no hassles.
- This indoor fertiliser is ideal for all indoor plants and container plants including indoor & outdoor pots, vertical gardens, hanging baskets and window boxes.
- Contains trace elements and biostimulants in a careful balance for healthier, larger plants that are resistant to diseases and insect attacks.
- Provides rapid root and leaf absorption through an instant boost of nutrients, for strong and healthy growth.
- It goes to work immediately and whether applied to the soil or leaves, it is still effective
- SUITABLE FOR: All indoor plant varieties including Ferns, Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus), Devil’s Ivy, Dracaena, Peace Lilies, Palms and Peperomia.

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