Localsafe Weed Terminator

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LocalSafe Weed Terminator: Perfect for larger areas requiring Natural Weed Control

Contact Organics' LocalSafe Weed Terminator offers multi-application weed control for public areas including parks, verges, playgrounds, gardens, schools, sporting grounds, golf courses, nurseries, rail lines and spot spraying in lawns and turf, as well as small and medium farms.
Developed for when you need a fast and effective herbicide, but you have a responsibility towards the safety of others, make the switch to LocalSafe Weed Terminator, a glyphosate-free alternative, that uses the latest innovative technology with natural ingredients.

Tough on weeds yet safe for people and animals, the LocalSafe Weed Terminator is scientifically-formulated with natural ingredients. For weed control in local and public places as well as gardens, this powerful natural alternative to glyphosate-based herbicides is safe for you and the environment.


- Visible action within hours of application
- Free of glyphosate & other toxic substances
- Long-lasting results
- Leaves no toxic residue in the soil or plants
- Beneficial for soil
- Weeds are unable to develop resistance
- Made from non-toxic ingredients
- Safe for people and pets

How does it work?

The LocalSafe Weed Terminator is the ideal herbicide for councils and other local organisations and commercial users. Based on 30 years of research experience, Contact Organics has developed the latest technology for effective weed control in public and larger private spaces as well as commercial applications.
Essentially, the LocalSafe Weed Terminator works by dehydrating the plant. It achieves this by degrading the plant’s protective outer film to allow moisture to escape. The product system is also effective in the restoration of soil health, making it difficult for weeds to compete with healthy plants and reducing their re-growth.
Simply spray the LocalSafe Weed Terminator, public amenity weed control, liberally on unwanted plants, ensuring it comes into contact with the green parts of the plant. The fast-acting formula leads to visible results within hours.
The LocalSafe Soil Conditioner is a proprietary blend of natural oils and surfactants that improve water penetration of the soil. It also contains mineral nutrients, iodine and enhances soil health.

Available in:

10ltr Twin Pack (1x 5ltr Weed Terminator, 1x 5ltr Soil Conditioner), 20ltr Quad Pack (2x 5ltr Weed Terminator, 2x 5ltr Soil Conditioner)

When applying spray, Weed Terminator and Soil Conditioner are mixed together in equal parts at appropriate rates for best results.

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