Homesafe Weed Terminator

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The HomeSafe Weed Terminator incorporates the latest technology for natural & safe weed control for the home

Safe for pets and family, but tough on weeds, HomeSafe Weed Terminator is formulated using innovative science to create the ideal domestic herbicide. Make the switch to pet-friendly weed control in the home and discover a garden that has never looked better.
Traditional herbicides contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to soil health, and often pass on toxins to the environment and our food chain. Contact Organics set out to find a modern alternative that eliminated safety risks. Based on 30 years of research experience, we developed HomeSafe; the non-toxic herbicide for herb gardens and around the home.

HomeSafe is committed to using natural products as an input to create fast-acting, effective and - most importantly - safe weed control for the home.


- Visible action within hours of application
- Long-lasting results
- Leaves no toxic residue in the soil or plants
- Beneficial for soil
- Weeds are unable to develop resistance
- Made from non-toxic ingredients
- Safe for people and pets

How does it work?

HomeSafe is suitable for weed control for your gardens, paths and other areas around your home. Designed to keep soil healthy and maintain your garden while keeping your loved ones safe.
Simply spray liberally onto unwanted plants, ensuring complete coverage, to the point of run-off. The formulation starts dehydrating the plant to ultimately kill it. Within hours of application, you’ll see weeds begin to go off colour and wilt, indicating HomeSafe Weed Killer for the home has started to work.

Available in:

750ml RTU, 1Ltr RTU , 5Ltr RTU

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