Formboss Redcor Edging

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All Formboss lengths are 2.44m long 

REDCOR® steel is cold rolled and has been specifically developed for Australian harsh conditions. Its cleaner to work with and displays an overall better uniform finish than imported alternatives. This steel has an increased resistance to corrosion as it forms a protective layer of oxide on its surface which regenerates as required over the steels life.
REDCOR® steel will appear light grey almost polished when first purchased off the shelf. This is simply because it is supplied to us with a thin film of oil on the outer layer, ensuring it doesn’t start rusting on the shelf. It will take anywhere from a few weeks to 4 months to get an even coating of rust.

Since the release of Formboss weathered steel edging it has fast become one of our most popular ranges, notably in our large profile heights. These can be used not only as small retaining walls but also able to be manufactured to create raised garden beds and circular tree surrounds, with our experienced special production team able to produce elaborate custom shapes, there is no limit to what we can create.

How to select your edging:

- Select the profile height required for your installation. 1/3 is buried in the ground, so if you want 300mm out of the ground you will needed a 390mm length
- Decided on the design of your gardens. Straight runs recommend 4 stakes per length, curved runs 3 per length. When selecting stakes, rule of thumb, double the height of the length you have selected.
- All joiners and screws are included in your order

Download standard installation guide here

Watch the Formboss installation video below: