FormBoss Redcor Corner

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Pre bent corners are the easiest way to achieve right angle bends with out the need for physically bending larger 2.0mm gauge steel. All lengths 150mm and below can be easily bent on site and corners are not sold for these heights.

Internal or External:

Depending on what face of the corner you view will depend on weather you use an internal or external corner.
Internal - This means that the lip of the top edge in on the INSIDE of the bend, used for creating a box where the outside of the box is the primarily visible side
External - This means that the lip of the top edge in on the OUTSIDE of the bend, used for a right angle bend in edging that is viewed from the 'inside', such as a garden bed returning into a wall.

Please contact us for assistance with selecting corners.

All corners include a joiner and screws.

If you require a large amount of corners we have a bender that can be hired for a day rate. Please contact us about hiring this bender.
Custom bends in full lengths can also we arranged. Please contact us for pricing.

Download standard installation guide here

Watch the Formboss installation video below: